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MoClip® is a set of tools and an online animation library that increases animator efficiency, organizes animation clips and allows studios and users to earn royalties on animated content.

Generating animated sequences in films and games is costly and limited to a product's lifetime. In today's competitive environment, it is important for any 3D studio to reduce animation costs, so that you can focus on developing the story driving your projects.

Current Approach

A significant portion of your budget is being spent on character animation. Often animators are recreating similar motions, but on a different character, or in a different work environment. This unoptimized productivity drives artists away from doing the creative work for which they were hired in the first place.

When a production is released, animation files are often archived and might never be used again; or if you do reuse animation files internally, you might have to develop and maintain a costly library index.

Your studio is creating value that might be shelved and never heard of again!

Alternative Solution

MoClip will recycle your character animations as motion clips and add them to your account's private library, thus allowing you to reuse motions in a simple and efficient way. Public requests can be made to share your animation clips with the community, and can then get a royalty each time these motion clips are sold. Bundled with the software is also a set of rigging and retargeting tools to enhance and speed up your workflow.

Using MoClip, you can:

How It Works

MoClip is free with a "pay as you go" philosophy. After having previewed, blended and placed the animation in a scene, users will be charged $8 per second of clip animation per character. Clip ownership is taken into consideration for the royalty calculation.

The MoClip infrastructure makes our servers and animation files inaccessible through the internet. Animation files are locally secured, encrypted and backed up in order to maintain the data integrity.

Recommended Decision

The MoClip team is willing to help reduce your animation department overhead, increase your benefit margin, and create better animated content.

At this time, MoClip is working under Microsoft® Windows® and supports real-time integration with Autodesk® Maya® and MotionBuilder®. The MoClip animation files are of the FBX file format and are fully usable under other 3D platforms. We are planning to also offer real-time integration to other mainstream 3D packages.

Download MoClip Here

Next Steps

If you want to be among the select contributors to our animation library, an agreement with terms and conditions will be prepared.

If you want to experience MoClip, its Maya® or MotionBuilder® plug-ins, or the UltimateRig, simply download the free package or contact us directly (

If you would like to see the benefits of using the MoClip tools in a work environment and save over 50% of your production costs, refer to the MoClip Technical Artists section for a list of advantages.

Technical Users

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Feb 25, 2016

You can now download MoClip for Autodesk Maya 2016. If you find any issues with these new version, please let us know!
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