Download MoClip

The MoClip executable, the Ultimate Rig toolset and the MoClip plug-ins for Maya and MotionBuilder are all freely distributable. At any time, you can launch MoClip and freely assemble animations. You will be asked to pay only when purchasing animated sequences through the MoClip online service.

Furthermore, you can start building your own animation library and earn royalties from sales.

Note: MoClip requires an Internet connection since it needs to dynamically interact with the MoClip server.

First, you need to download the latest MoClip package for your operating system:

Download MoClip
Windows 32bit

Download MoClip
Windows 64bit

Once the download is completed, decompress the zip archive and place the MoClip executable file (MoClip.exe) to a desired location.

To launch the MoClip application, simply double-click MoClip.exe.

You can also place the plug-in of your choice into the proper Autodesk Maya (\Maya\bin\plug-ins\) or Autodesk MotionBuilder (\MotionBuilder\bin\[win32-x64]\plugins\) folder of the disired software version.

For more information on installing procedure, visit the Online Help.

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MoClip is using Relinked to promote its software and updates.
September 25, 2016

Relinked is a smart social network that allows MoClip to have instant publicity. Quite awesome. Try it now at

Releasing MoClip for Autodesk Maya 2016!
Feb 25, 2016

You can now download MoClip for Autodesk Maya 2016. If you find any issues with these new version, please let us know!
Thank you!

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